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Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen offers help for both children and adults. The charming children’s story is a read-to or middle grade read-alone resource for adults to share when they need to have that difficult, first discussion about facing cancer. It provides optimism and research-based, proven coping strategies. Cancer can affect a person’s appearance, daily functioning, outlook on life, and ways of interacting and communicating with loved ones. Long Live the Queen empowers children to handle the effects of cancer on a loved one’s life by demonstrating positive ways to deal with loss and the changes caused by cancer and its treatment. The adult section offers well-tested guidance and quick resources for parents and other adults who are going through cancer treatment and have young ones to tell about their illness. Families, as well as teachers and mental health professionals, can use this book to inspire positive, open communication with children who have a loved one with cancer.

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About the Authors

Patricia P. Gage holds a Ph.D. in Child and School Psychology from New York

University. She is a member of both the National Association of School Psychologists and the American Psychological Association. Dr. Gage is currently in private practice, in Stuart, Florida, where she specializes in psycho-educational evaluations and interventions for students with learning and behavioral issues. 

Christopher J. Gage is an Assistant State Attorney for Florida’s 8th District. He is actively involved in coaching the University of Florida Mock Trial Team.

Marlo Garnsworthy is an Australian-American author, illustrator, editor, science communicator and nature lover who makes her home in Rhode Island.

What readers our sharing...

I highly recommend this book to anyone diagnosed with cancer in order to help them, their children and family members deal with such a stressful, lifetime event and challenge. Dr. Patricia Gage is a highly respected psychologist, community leader and most importantly a loving wife and mother who knows first hand how frightening a diagnosis of cancer can be. . . . I hope this wonderful, well written and from the heart book will find a place in the homes, hospitals and institutions of all those who can use it and benefit from its wisdom. 

—Richard E. LoSardo, M.D., Board Certified General Psychiatry, 

Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Written from the perspective of a magical kingdom with a queen, king and others, this book engages the reader with excitement and interest while teaching children and professionals ways to confront, experience, embrace and ultimately overcome the negative emotions that cancer can bring. I am thrilled to recommend this needed read to children, counselors, teachers, and all adults, as our society continues to be so affected by this feared disease.

—Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D., ABPP, 

President of the Brain Health Center, PA

An important contribution to the literature, written with sensitivity and wisdom. Dr. Gage speaks from the heart of a survivor and a professional. . . . chock-full of advice . . . There are some real gems in here! The valuable, quick sources of information is a gift as well. Long Live the Queen! What a delightful way to help children.

—Judith L. Alpert, Professor of Applied Psychology, New York University, former President of Division of Trauma Psychology, 

American Psychological Association

illustrations from the book Mrs. Feathergreen might be a superhero

Mrs. Feathergreen Might be a Superhero

The book will be useful for classroom teachers because it demonstrates research-based instructional strategies that may be considered to increase the likelihood that successful learning will occur. College instructors should also find it a useful tool in demonstrating how research findings can be applied in the classroom. Parents are children’s first set of teachers. A book like this can be a good starting point in facilitating their child’s learning. Hence, learning challenges do not have to be looked upon as barriers to any child’s academic success.

This book is a labor of love, and the culmination of our hard work over thirty years of testing, teaching, and advocating for students with disabilities.

Patricia P. Gage, PhD

Joyce B. Holmes, EdD

another illustration from the book


"Being a kid can be hard; being a student with a learning disability can be more than challenging. A child with a learning disability is frequently fraught with ambivalent feelings about new learning experiences. This can translate into the student remaining in a constant state of vigilance, which is exhausting! Mrs. Feathergreen Might Be a Superhero is an insightful story of one such student’s tumultuous feelings and classroom success. This narrative should be shared with parents and educators who seek understanding about how an insightful teacher can provide easy accommodations for and ease the anxiety experienced by learning disabled students in a general education classroom. As a bonus, useful charts for home and school are included."
Pat Sekel, PhD, CALT, QI
National Educational Consultant

"This heartwarming story chronicles the daily challenges and impact of a learning disability from a child’s perspective. It provides the reader with a glimpse of the impact of a learning disability on learning and peer relationships, while providing a menu of strategies to assist the learner… A must read for parents of children with learning differences, general education teachers, new special education teachers, and caring professionals working with children with learning challenges."

Maryellen Quinn-Lunny, EdS
Director, FAU, Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

"I can't wait to find out about Mrs. Feathergreen...
As a reader you peaked my interest to turn the page and 
 journey with one warm disabled child as he makes his way through an abled world. Your 30 years experience and insight will certainly assure teachers, parents and children that there are many ways to learn, grow and thrive." 

"For all my friends who have a child with a learning disability or even an elementary school child that you want to help be more organized and accountable, you need to read this book and start off the school year right!  To all my teacher friends.... Great information to help your students succeed!! Get yours today on Amazon!!!"