Services Provided

Strategies • Consulting


Dr. Gage’s passion is to stay current on therapeutic interventions, and brain research, to empower kids with skills they can use to learn more efficiently and engage more actively in their learning. She believes that each child brings unique strengths and challenges to the learning process and is committed in playing a vital role in the effort to unlock each child’s potential for success and make a positive, lasting difference in children’s lives.  Her goal is to see children experience success in school, engage more actively in class, absorb and retain information more efficiently and learn to communicate their needs in an appropriate manner. 

  • Social skills & behavior management
  • Evidence-based academic interventions for all types of learners
  • Consultation with school personnel and families about students’ learning, behavior and learning environments
  • Short term counseling for children 
  • Workshops and presentations for teachers, parents and the community to help them better understand and support students’ learning, development, and mental health

When To Refer

Emotional Wellness is as Important as Physical Health

It has been estimated that one in five children and adolescents will experience a significant mental health issue that impacts their learning and behavior in the course of their school years.  While some problems are more serious then others, it is important that we give them the skills necessary to cope with life’s challenges.  If ignored, such problems can affect their learning, development, peer relationships and their physical health. Some of those difficulties may include:

  • Academic challenges 
  • Worries about being bullied
  • Loneliness and excessive feelings of rejection
  • Problems getting along with family and friends/social pragmatic issues
  • Learning disabilities
  • Excessive stress and anxiety
  • Fears about starting/ going to school
  • Poor planning and organizational skills
  • High distractibility, impulsivity and hyperactivity
  • Unable to communicate their needs and express their feelings appropriately
  • Dealing with changes in their families due to loss or divorce
  • Feeling depressed often
  • Lack of confidence
  • Underachieving in school

Dr. Gage is here to help identify areas to be targeted for intervention, and support children and adolescents to achieve their best in school and in their daily life.